Rodney Alan Greenblat

I first came across Rodney Alan Greenblat’s work on the cover of They Might Be Giants wonderful self-titled debut album. I had admired the artwork for years before deciding to take a look at the credits and find out more about the artist responsible. Upon further investigation I learned that as well as having amassed a staggering body of work during his years as a visual artist, Greenblat was also the man behind the character design for PlayStation almost-classic PaRappa The Rapper. Utter genius!

An air of unwavering positivity and optimism runs through almost all of Greenblat’s stuff that I’ve seen so far.  It’s vibrant, spirited and downright fun. Many of his more recent paintings have been heavily influenced by his keen interest in Zen Buddhism.

Rodney currently lives in New York where he and his wife Deena Lebow run their own design company, the excellently named Centre For Advanced Whimsy. Take a look at his website, Whimsyload, where you can see tonnes more of his beautiful artwork.


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