Baths is the name of the latest musical project from 21 year old California native Will Wiesenfeld, following on from his previous excursions under his Geotic and Post-Foetus monikers. Baths’ incredible debut album Cerulean recently came out on the legendary Anticon label, home to such indie hip-hop luminaries as Why?, Themselves and Alias. Whilst it’s undeniable that there are elements of hip-hop to be found scattered around Cerulean, the record is unlike anything else in the Anticon cannon. The beats click and whir, sometimes threatening to collapse under the weight of their complexity but always expertly pulled back from the brink at precisely the right moment. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes chaotic, Wiesenfeld’s cherubic vocals frequently floating on top of the fray.

Some articles I’ve read have put Baths in the same bracket as Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and other like minded Chillwave artists. Some have likened the music to fellow L.A beatmakers and associates like Daedelus or Flying Lotus. I can definitely see the connection to both, but to me the music has more in common with laid back glitch based artists like E*Vax and Sin Fang Bous. I’m not sure if these are people who have directly informed Wiesenfeld’s music making, but it sounds that way to me. His Myspace page lists seminal electronic labels like Morr Music and The Leaf Label as influences and that definitely shines through in what he’s created on Cerulean.

One of my favourite tracks on Cerulean is Aminals and I think it’s a good starting point, although it doesn’t feature any of Will’s lovely singing. The typical skittery, jarring (in a good way!) beats and ultra-melodic hooks are most definitely present however and the awesome samples of playground chatter fall just on the right side of cutesy. Here’s a video where the song soundtracks some great footage of old timey holidaymakers.

So that’s Baths for you. Here’s hoping this wonderfully talented guy can make it over to the UK for some shows. The sooner the better, and I for one will be there with bells on. With all the praise and positive buzz that he’s been receiving of late it’s surely only a matter of time.

Oh, and did I mention that I think Will is super hot? Like, super hot!

Click here to purchase Cerulean from the Anticon store.


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