Mark Aguhar

Mark Aguhar is an artist currently living and studying in Austin Texas. I don’t know him well or know much about him but I have been following him on Tumblr for a while. His paintings and drawings are always fantastic, usually super gay and often feature shirtless boys with hairy chests.  Need I say more? Some of his stuff vaguely reminds me of a more primitive Bob London, only with strong homosexual overtones.

Mark also dabbles in sculpture work, some of which can be seen at his Flickr stream. He has a blog too but it doesn’t look like it gets updated too often so I guess his Tumblr is probably the best place to keep track of him. There’s a lot of stuff to get through but the trawl is more than worthwhile!


2 Responses to Mark Aguhar

  1. Mark says:

    Oh awesome, thanks man

  2. male ® says:

    GREAT ARTWORK! inspiring!

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