Nike7UP has been making a name for himself stealing pieces of seemingly disparate Top 40 hits, obnoxiously splicing the elements together and turning them into pitch-black aural collages. In the video below he puts pop deities Rihanna, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson through the wringer to create a foreboding witch-house(ish) banger.


Mark Warren Jacques

I don’t know much about Mark Warren Jacques other than that he’s one of the founders of Portland’s Together Gallery. I do know that his work is rather awesome. He has a new solo exhibition called I’m Here Now which opens October 16th at Gallery Hijinks in San Francisco. Check out some of his work below and while you’re at it, his Vimeo page is also worth a look.

Al Lover’s Woodsist Mix

I heard about Al Lover‘s Woodsist Mix through Neu Magazine but I guess it’s been online for a couple of months now. Over the course of the mix’s thirty minute duration Woodsist favourites like Real Estate, Wavves and Ganglians get chopped up, stretched and manipulated in all manner of ways. Despite most of the source material being on the abrasive side, the whole affair is thoroughly soothing. I may even have a listen in the bath this evening!

You can download the mix either at Al Lover’s blog or at the Neu Magazine site.

Baths: Lovely Bloodflow

Yesterday the video for Baths‘ Lovely Bloodflow appeared online. I’m sad to say that the man behind Baths, the handsome Will Wiesenfeld, doesn’t appear in it himself. It’s still pretty great nonetheless. The visually stunning clip was directed by Young Replicant‘s Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin.

Spencer Breslin

New York based Spencer Breslin is better known for his acting work, having appeared in numerous movies since his breakthrough role in Disney’s The Kid. What most people may be surprised to learn is that he’ll soon be releasing his debut record, Labor Day. On his own label, no less.

Produced by James William Hindle and aided by members of hip indie types such as Crystal Stilts, Ladybug Transistor, Love Is All and Architecture In Helsinki, the eleven track album was recorded at Brooklyn’s Marlborough Farms over the course of two week-long sessions. I may be somewhat biased since I was lucky enough to have played drums on two songs, but I think it’s a corker. Every bit the musical magpie, Spencer wears his influences proudly on his sleeve. From the absurdly catchy, Warren Zevon-esque Rejection Speaks to the avant-garde, Velvets inspired title track with its percussive freak-outs and caustic violin, the record plays like a scrapbook of Spencer’s own musical loves. You’d be forgiven for assuming he was the lovechild of Patti Smith and Jackson Browne! It’s rather fantastic and something I’m very proud to have been a part of.

Labor Day will be available very soon through Acadian Recording Co. Keep checking Spencer’s Myspace for an official release date as well as news of any live appearances. If you live in New York you’re sure catch him around some time. You can also download album standout Rejection Speaks via this handy Mediafire link!


Knoxville’s COOLRUNNINGS have thus far unleashed one single and two E.Ps on the world via their Bandcamp page. All are more than worth your attention. Hyperactive afro-beat rhythms, lo-fi garage rock, spaced-out dub and wistful synthpop collide, with Brandon Biondo’s reverb-swathed, fuzz-addled vocals providing an abundance of hooks. I think I could even hear some Dan Deacon-esque vocal pitchshifting going on. This is some highly inventive, super-poppy stuff. Peruse their videos at your leisure below and then hop on over to the aforementioned Bandcamp page and download every single thing.

Hard Mix: Memories

Hard Mix is the sample-heavy, sun-kissed project of  Noah Daniel Smith, a nineteen year old from South Carolina. As with the majority of these young bedroom artists, online information is currently in rather short supply. He has a full-length coming later this year, but I can’t find many specifics. As far as the music goes, the usual chillwave adjectives apply i.e hazy, nostalgic, humid. If you’re into Washed Out, Teen Daze etc. then there’s a high possibility that Hard Mix will lift your luggage. We’re starting to see definite signs that the genre is in danger of reaching saturation point, but until then let’s just enjoy the good stuff that’s rising to the top of the heap.