Sean M. Johnson

Sean M. Johnson is a visual artist born in Providence, Rhode Island but currently living and working in Boston. Most of his work, or at least the stuff that I’m most interested in, focuses around images of men who would typically be seen as members of the bear community. Projects such as Beard Love consider how facial hair is perceived by society, specifically by gay men, and allowed Johnson to further explore his own opinions on the notions of masculinity and power that are implied by facial hair.

Another of his projects, Sexy Men, is composed of photographs of um… sexy men, two of which can be seen above.  Johnson invited some friends to have their pictures taken at his apartment in a state of semi-undress, against a stark white wall. The resulting images are genuinely striking and I think there’s something particularly sexy about the inherent unsexiness of the harsh lighting.

Johnson’s website has loads more work for your perusal, all worth your time. Not all his work focuses on bears and burly men, just most of it! For those who aren’t interested in that sort of thing, there are Cat Kites! Truly the artist with something for everybody.


One Response to Sean M. Johnson

  1. male ® says:

    Stunning artwork, GREAT photography! Thanks for sharing!

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