Teen Daze

This week I have been unable to stop listening to Four More Years, the debut album from mysterious Vancouver bedroom chillwave act Teen Daze. This really is something special. I know some people automatically balk at the mere mention of chillwave but all music has to be described in some way or another. How else are you supposed to know what it sounds like? I guess it is a pretty corny name but hey, it looks like its going to stick around for a while so you might as well get used to it. Eventually you’ll even be able to say it without cringing or using air quotes.

Anyway, the music of Teen Daze is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I’ve heard from this loosely defined genre. This is some next level shit, as they say. Have a listen to Saviour, one of my personal favourites  from the album.

And here’s another, since every track is so fucking good. This one’s called Around and is a little bit  more dance orientated. I can definitely hear shades of Daft Punk coming through on this.

There are some more tracks on the Teen Daze Myspace, including a few non-album cuts. The Tumblr page is also worth following should you wish to keep abreast of this ambiguous artist’s wheelings and dealings.

I can’t seem to figure out who is putting out the vinyl edition of Four More Years so if anybody has a link please give me a shout. It apparently comes out on August 10th. Also, if you’re into that sort of thing (I am!) It will soon be available on cassette from Wonder Beard Tapes.


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