Fungi Girls

For the past year or so I have been ranting about Fungi Girls to anybody who will listen. Three young guys (One of whom, Jacob, is a total babe) from Cleburne, Texas playing a singular amalgamation of garage rock, surf, psych, shoegaze, grunge and kiwi pop. This melting pot attitude is what made their debut LP Seafaring Pyramids so great. Its the sound of a breakneck journey through their record collection.¬† All their influences and favourite kinds of music are skilfully distilled into it’s eight tracks.

Hot on the heels of their West Coast summer tour, the guys have just put out a new 7″ on Chicago’s Hozac Records, and its a doozy. The A-Side Turqouise Hotel wouldn’t sound out of a place stuck in the middle of a Fort Worth Teen Scene compilation. Doldrums rolls along in tight compound time, Jacob youthfully declaring the band’s collective boredom over a repeated bluesy riff. Here’s a delightfully trebly video of the band performing the latter live in L.A’s Origami Records.

Oh boy, Jacob’s a cutie!

Look out for future releases including a 7″ on Group Tightener and another full length (yay!) coming soon on Hozac.


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