For the last six weeks I have been well and truly addicted to ABC Family’s Huge. Since it’s not currently gracing our screens in the UK (and probably never will) I’ve had to resort to illegal downloading in order to procure my fix. God bless you, Pirate Bay! For those poor souls not already in the know, Huge is a sitcom that focuses on a group of teenagers at an American fat camp, following their progress over the course of a summer.

Most of the show’s focus is on Will Rader, played by Nikki Blonsky. She’s been hauled off to fat camp by her do-gooding, fitness freak parents desperate to see her slim down. What they don’t realise is that she’s a bit of a rebel, not ready to be bound by society’s rules any time soon. I mean, she wears a baggy black hoodie, writes tortured poetry, listens to The Pixies and even has a streak of blue (!) dye running through her hair. In an early episode she even massacred her bunkmate’s shallow beauty magazines in order to use them as raw material for an art piece decrying body fascism. Way to smash the system, Will!

As you can probably tell, you’ll need to take this show with more than just a pinch of salt in order to be able to enjoy it in any way. It’s insufferably bad, yet I daren’t miss a single episode. Despite its numerous flaws (15 year olds being played by people in their mid-20s, ABC Family’s need to have “mood” music playing incessantly throughout every episode, occasionally threatening to drown out the stilted and unnatural dialogue, to name but a few), I’m completely and utterly hooked.

There’s a gay storyline that’s been emerging in recent weeks focusing on Harvey Guillen‘s character Alistair and his ever wandering eye. Just last week in the Spirit Quest episode we saw Alistair sneakily admiring fellow handsome camper Trent’s exposed torso during his morning deodorant application. Born as I was, with a penchant for husky boys, my one thought  regarding this storyline is simply “When are these two going to fuck?”.  I hope I’m not asking too much of ABC Family when I say at the very least I’m expecting to see a blowjob in the boys bathroom by the end of the season. Hell, get Jacob Wysocki‘s character involved too and it’ll really be a party worth watching.

Despite it’s undeniable shittyness, I can’t recommend Huge highly enough. For the lucky citizens of the U.S.A, it’s on ABC Family at 9PM Monday nights. For those like me who are stuck in the UK, you’ll just have to take the route of dubious legality. Speaking of which, I’ve only got 13% left until episode seven!


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