Hard Mix: Memories

Hard Mix is the sample-heavy, sun-kissed project of  Noah Daniel Smith, a nineteen year old from South Carolina. As with the majority of these young bedroom artists, online information is currently in rather short supply. He has a full-length coming later this year, but I can’t find many specifics. As far as the music goes, the usual chillwave adjectives apply i.e hazy, nostalgic, humid. If you’re into Washed Out, Teen Daze etc. then there’s a high possibility that Hard Mix will lift your luggage. We’re starting to see definite signs that the genre is in danger of reaching saturation point, but until then let’s just enjoy the good stuff that’s rising to the top of the heap.


2 Responses to Hard Mix: Memories

  1. brogues says:

    hahaha…’will lift your luggage’ is a great line 🙂 With my big pants it takes a lot to life my luggage…

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