Skream ft. Freckles – How Real

I can’t claim to know much of anything about Skream. I know he’s from London and that he’s affiliated with dubstep, a genre of music about which I am far from knowledgable. His second record, Outside The Box, just came out a few weeks ago. I heard How Real for the first time this afternoon and  I have been unable to stop playing it. I feel like I dreamt this song into existence, like I always knew for sure that one day it would exist. Freckles‘ vocals are just incredible. Cut up, auto-tuned, delayed and  pitch-shifted into something so melodic it has to be heard to be believed, playing off beautifully against the sputtering, snare-driven beat. I think I might have found my song of the year. Have a listen below!


2 Responses to Skream ft. Freckles – How Real

  1. brogues says:

    Topper! Reminds me of how much I loved this song back in’t day:

    • james says:

      i love the tags for that video you linked to brogues;
      * t2
      * jodie
      * heartbroken
      * aicha
      * bassline
      * T2
      * music
      * niche
      * leeds
      * uk
      * england
      * west
      * yorkshire

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