Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

Katy Perry can be hit-or-miss. Mostly miss. Her singles are downright enjoyable when heard faintly on the radio in work, blaring in a bar or caught by chance, flicking through the music channels of an evening. They don’t normally hold up well to the scrutiny of a proper listen, headphones on and with full attention focused on the quality of the songcraft. Take for example California Gurls; A killer chorus that manages (just) to compensate for flimsy lyrics that border on cringeworthy, barely-there synths and synthetic sounding slap bass. Oh, and the less said about the visually horrifying video, the better. Teenage Dream, on the other hand is the real deal. A modern pop classic on a par with Robyn’s best. Call me corny, but I’m a sucker for romance and I think the lyrics are rather lovely. The video is fairly dcent by her standards too. Watch below and enjoy!


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