Joel Gibb sings Arthur Russell

Okay, so this has been online for a couple of years now but I only stumbled across it a few days ago and I feel its worth sharing. Joel Gibb covered Arthur Russell‘s masterpiece That’s Us / Wild Combination for the compilation E.P Four Songs By Arthur Russell, released by Rough Trade in 2008. I’m not sure where or exactly when this live performance was filmed but I’m guess it’s from around the time of the E.P. I think Joel Gibb is a vastly underrated vocalist.  In part this is because his voice needs to be experienced live in order to fully appreciate it’s beauty. It really is something else, as this gorgeous performance ably demonstrates. Arthur would be proud!

Fun fact of the day: Arthur Russell once dabbled in hip-hop, producing tracks for aspiring rapper Mark Sinclair a.k.a Hollywood laughing stock Vin Diesel. So now you know.


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