MEN – Off Our Backs

Brooklyn’s best queer power trio MEN have recently debuted their first video for the sassy Off Our Backs, directed by Bryce Kass.  My band opened for MEN in Glasgow last night and it was an incredible evening. Their performance was perfect. Watching them reminded me a lot of seeing Bis during their heyday. I can’t wait for their full length, if and when it arrives. In the meantime, watch the video below!


Top 5 Tumblrs

So, it seems that everybody and their gran has a Tumblr these days. And why not? It’s a truly great platform for sharing ideas, music, opinions and pictures of hot guys, cute dogs and whatever else you happen to be into. With the site’s turnover being so consistently fast-paced, it can be easy to miss a lot of good stuff. There are a load of Tumblr blogs that are always great and I’ll regularly go out of my way to check them out if I haven’t seen them on my dashboard for a while. Here are my top 5!

1. Fuck Yeah Chubby Guys

Does what it says on the tin, to be honest. If you’re into chubby guys, this is the Tumblr for you. Despite the lack of nudity, this is one of the best blogs for mindblowing photos of the cutest guys around. Sometimes their definition of “chubby” is pretty loose but very rarely do they set a foot wrong. The amount of ridiculously hot boys I’ve found through FYCG is crazy. Don’t get me wrong, not every photo is a winner but at least two or three times a day I see somebody on there who makes my eyes pop out on stalks and my spine telescope. Get following!

2. Rec-A-Day

Dramathan, the cutest boy on Tumblr with the best taste in music goes through his collection one awesome record at a time. I love reading his blurbs / rants every day and he hasn’t made a post about a bad record yet! Definitely check this one out if you’re into riot grrrl / K Records / Kill Rock Stars kinda stuff cos there’s a lot of that on there. Don’ know what else to say… Great guy, great music!

3. Big Boy Fashion

I guess this is kinda similar to Fuck Yeah Chubby Guys but with an emphasis on, you guessed it, fashion. Guys are always sexier when they dress well. This is a pretty new one but it’s become one of my favourites, so take a look.

4. Young Cubs (NSFW)

Are you sensing a theme yet? Again, another blog where the name pretty much gives the game away. Follow this if, like me, you like your guys husky, hot and butt naked.Very much in the same vein as Young Cubs and FYCG but with added cocks! Yay!

5. Hungover Owls

Not much I can say about this one that the name doesn’t give away. Just check it out. It’s cute/hilarious!

Future Shipwreck’s Jason Villegas Giveaway

The rad folks over at my favourite blog Future Shipwreck are currently holding a little giveaway. They’re offering the chance to win a one of a kind piece by (pictured above) by the talented and handsome Jason Villegas. All you have to do is visit the blog and leave a comment on the post by October 28th. It’s that easy! Also, check out Future Shipwreck’s awesome interview with the man himself.

Crusaders Of Love

Crusaders Of Love released their near-flawless debut record Never Grow Up on Douchemaster records in March this year. Eleven short and sweet tracks of bratty, garage influenced power-pop with heaps of hooks. Honestly, the songwriting craft on this record is second to none. The band has dispensed with anything that’s not 100% super catchy and not one melody goes to waste. At an economic 28 minutes it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and leaves you eager to flip the record over and start the party all over again. It’s a true classic of the genre and must have for any fan of pure, unabashed power-pop. Have a listen to three tunes below.

Can’t Get Enough

Good Time All The Time

Little Mind

Bears, Illustrated

Bears, Illustrated, organised by queer artist and friendly chap Christian Fernández Mirón, is a free downloadable calendar for 2010 featuring twelve risqué depictions of big, burly men by different artists from across the globe. Okay, so you’re right, 2010 is almost over but the good news is that Christian is now looking for submissions for 2011. If you’re an artist with a penchant for bear-ish gentlemen then get in touch with him via e-mail and submit your stuff for next year’s calendar.

Drug Factory Press

Awesome gig posters by Ryan Duggan AKA Drug Factory Press.

More of his glorious work can be seen here.

Star Slinger

Do you like soulful, stuttering hip-hop that’s heavy on sidechain compression and made by cute,  chubby bearded boys? Hey, me too! Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen so hard for Star Slinger, the latest project of Nottinghamshire producer Darren Williams. So far he’s already remixed indie rock overlords Deerhunter and chillwave upstarts Small Black, released a full length, Volume 1, through his website and is currently hard at work on his second, Jetpack Jam.

Musically, Star Slinger falls somewhere between the frantic sampling of UK producer Gold Panda and the innovative hip-hop of Jel or RJD2. Occasionally he veers dangerously close to dinner party territory but I’m prepared to forgive him since he’s so damn handsome. Check out the video for album standout May I Walk With You? below:

Not bad, eh? Turns out he’s opening for Ratatat on their November UK jaunt. There’s no Glasgow date, sadly, but all those lucky folks down south should definitely go see him. And y’know, Ratatat ain’t too bad either.