Keliy Anderson-Staley: Off The Grid

Having been raised off the grid in Maine during the 80s, Keliy Anderson-Staley returned to the place of her upbringing in order to capture the lives of those who currently reside in this ramshackle community. Almost 30 families were photographed over the course of the project, all of whom presently live in the Maine Woods without electricity, gas or hot running water. These families have all chosen this place as their home for varying reasons be they political, economic or religious.

There is definitely something romantic to me about choosing to live your life in that way that these people have. Having said that, I’m not sure if I could fully commit to it, were I ever lucky enough to be given the chance to try. Keliy’s photographs never make this lifestyle appear overly glamorous, instead choosing to represent it honestly and realistically, without romanticism or irony.

There are dozens more of these photographs to be seen at Keliy’s website. There’s also an audio interview with Daylight Magazine from August 2009 where she discusses the project at length. It’s definitely worth a listen. I’d also recommend browsing her older work. It’s not totally to my tastes and not quite of the same calibre, in my opinion, but nice nonetheless. Personally, I’m intrigued to see what’s next.


Elizabeth Weinberg

Freelance photographer Elizabeth Weinberg got her first real job taking pictures of Ben Kweller for the inner artwork of his self-titled 2006 album. Since then she’s had her work published in Nylon, Heeb and Bust as well as host of other awesome publications. She has dipped her toe in fashion and concert photography but my personal favourites of her photographs are her portaits. Many of these are of some of my favourite bands and musicians. Over the last few years she has snapped, amongst others, Yeasayer, Santigold, Dr. Dog, Ariel Pink and of course, Ben Kweller.

One of Weinberg’s most fascinating projects is Abigail, a document of her younger sister growing up. She has been capturing her sister’s journey since she was fifteen years old. The goal of the project is to document her sibling’s growth as child alongside her own development as a photographer.

A zine entitled “Of Recklessness and Water” has just been made available for purchase through her blog. It’s only $20 and contains a whopping 46 pages. A bargain at twice the price, I’m sure you’ll agree, and it’d make a good birthday present for any fans of recklessness and/or water. Click here to buy.