Bikini Kill In The U.K 1993

I just came across this awesome little documentary about Riot Grrrl in the U.K. Filmed by Lucy Thane it mostly focuses on Bikini Kill’s 1993 UK tour but features some fantastic footage of Skinned Teen, Huggy Bear and others. I can’t embed it on the blog, but click here to watch it. You won’t be disappointed!


MEN – Off Our Backs

Brooklyn’s best queer power trio MEN have recently debuted their first video for the sassy Off Our Backs, directed by Bryce Kass.  My band opened for MEN in Glasgow last night and it was an incredible evening. Their performance was perfect. Watching them reminded me a lot of seeing Bis during their heyday. I can’t wait for their full length, if and when it arrives. In the meantime, watch the video below!

Star Slinger

Do you like soulful, stuttering hip-hop that’s heavy on sidechain compression and made by cute,  chubby bearded boys? Hey, me too! Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen so hard for Star Slinger, the latest project of Nottinghamshire producer Darren Williams. So far he’s already remixed indie rock overlords Deerhunter and chillwave upstarts Small Black, released a full length, Volume 1, through his website and is currently hard at work on his second, Jetpack Jam.

Musically, Star Slinger falls somewhere between the frantic sampling of UK producer Gold Panda and the innovative hip-hop of Jel or RJD2. Occasionally he veers dangerously close to dinner party territory but I’m prepared to forgive him since he’s so damn handsome. Check out the video for album standout May I Walk With You? below:

Not bad, eh? Turns out he’s opening for Ratatat on their November UK jaunt. There’s no Glasgow date, sadly, but all those lucky folks down south should definitely go see him. And y’know, Ratatat ain’t too bad either.

Alasdair Roberts – Long Lankin

I must say that I’ve been slightly disappointed with Alasdair Roberts‘ last two full lengths, 2009’s Spoils and this year’s Too Long In This Condition. They’re not bad records by any stretch of the imagination, but both have had to dwell in the shadow of his 2007 masterpiece, the near flawless The Amber Gatherers. There have  however been a handful of beautiful songs on both. The undisputed highlight of his last record was his disquieting version of the traditional Long Lankin, a song that I fondly remember him playing live even before Spoils was released. I found this great, bare bones live version this afternoon and have watched it several times since. I strongly suggest you do the same!

Spectrals – Peppermint

Flame-haired scamp Louis Jones, better known to you and I as Spectrals, is about has dropped a new 7″ on Moshi Moshi. The song, Peppermint, has a beautifully blurry video courtesy of director Lucy Needs. Watch it!

Only Fades Away

Chris Balla of Knight School has joined forces with Jed Smith of My Teenage Stride and recorded a fantastic version of caUSE co-MOTION’s already brilliant Only Fades Away, a single from a few years back. The song sounds just beautiful slowed down substantially and with heaps of Byrds-esque guitar in place of the frantic jangle of the original. I don’t know if it’s going to get put out or anything as there only seems to be a YouTube video at the moment. Hopefully some bright spark will have the common sense to get this little gem out on a 7″.

Joel Gibb sings Arthur Russell

Okay, so this has been online for a couple of years now but I only stumbled across it a few days ago and I feel its worth sharing. Joel Gibb covered Arthur Russell‘s masterpiece That’s Us / Wild Combination for the compilation E.P Four Songs By Arthur Russell, released by Rough Trade in 2008. I’m not sure where or exactly when this live performance was filmed but I’m guess it’s from around the time of the E.P. I think Joel Gibb is a vastly underrated vocalist.  In part this is because his voice needs to be experienced live in order to fully appreciate it’s beauty. It really is something else, as this gorgeous performance ably demonstrates. Arthur would be proud!

Fun fact of the day: Arthur Russell once dabbled in hip-hop, producing tracks for aspiring rapper Mark Sinclair a.k.a Hollywood laughing stock Vin Diesel. So now you know.