Star Slinger

Do you like soulful, stuttering hip-hop that’s heavy on sidechain compression and made by cute,  chubby bearded boys? Hey, me too! Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen so hard for Star Slinger, the latest project of Nottinghamshire producer Darren Williams. So far he’s already remixed indie rock overlords Deerhunter and chillwave upstarts Small Black, released a full length, Volume 1, through his website and is currently hard at work on his second, Jetpack Jam.

Musically, Star Slinger falls somewhere between the frantic sampling of UK producer Gold Panda and the innovative hip-hop of Jel or RJD2. Occasionally he veers dangerously close to dinner party territory but I’m prepared to forgive him since he’s so damn handsome. Check out the video for album standout May I Walk With You? below:

Not bad, eh? Turns out he’s opening for Ratatat on their November UK jaunt. There’s no Glasgow date, sadly, but all those lucky folks down south should definitely go see him. And y’know, Ratatat ain’t too bad either.


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